The Capture team has worked with many different people and businesses for a wide range of creative video projects, including filming promotional material, weddings, live music events, music videos and film trailers.

On this page you can check out a few examples from our body of work.


This video provides a brief look at selections from a variety of our work.



A promotional video for a camp which was played for both an in-house audience of hundreds, as well as online promotion.

This was a very fun video to both film and edit, and it was great to explore new ways of approaching aspects of the video such as the presentation of the titles. Also enjoyed the challenge of fitting so much into the short bursts of time in between each title and using framing and positioning to keep the flow of shots from being disorienting.

STAND Summer Camp 2017


A promotional video for a new album by the Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group, ‘Spark’

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating music videos for the album, recorded in front of a live audience. Much of the footage from this promo was from the live performance as well as interviews captured on the day.

Spark Album Promo


We thoroughly enjoyed filming Eoin and Jelena’s wedding and capturing the unique Serbian traditions performed throughout the day. It gave us the opportunity to adapt and expand our skills to capture the variety of different events and settings to give Eoin and Jelena a long lasting memory of the day.

This video was filmed and edited for Chris Brown Photography.

Eoin and Jelena Wedding Highlights

Darryn and Brooke will be able to relive the special moments of their wedding day for a lifetime with this highlights video. Filmed in picturesque Margaret River, we were able to capture Darryn and Brooke’s distinct personalities through the candid ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, music and the types of shots we chose.

This video was filmed and edited for Chris Brown Photography.

Darryn and Brooke Highlights


This music video gave us the opportunity to mix multiple visual styles into one video. We enjoyed the working with the mix of aspect ratios and emulating the look on different eras to meet the content of the lyrics.

We also worked a lot with the DJI Ronin M Steadycam to create the smooth flow of the moving angles which we felt helped to compliment the pace of the song, along with the dancers and choreography of the on-screen motion.

Chivalry Music Video

15/373 Canning Highway

Real Estate videos are a very enjoyable part of the work we do. A lot of it is about exploring ways to show the space of a property in ways that photos can’t, so that both formats can compliment each other in giving potential buyers an all encompassing view of the property.

Through the process of filming a property such as this one, we get to experience the atmosphere and character of a property, and enjoy finding ways to portray that through the music and editing.

15/373 Canning Highway


We had the opportunity to interview several people living in combined housing communities to explore how this alternate housing model can solve many of the social issues we are faced with today.

This was a great project to work on and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this topic. Plus the people were all really nice to work with.

The Henry Project

This is a short promotional video for the new Wendy Naumovski Hair & Makeup Studio, which we filmed during a photo shoot with some of her models.

The brief was to capture the studio’s professionalism and fashion-forwardness, which we achieved through the flare effects, energetic contemporary music and panning shots.

Wendy Naumovski Hair & Makeup Studio

We couldn’t resist making a submission for the Supercheap Auto Big Break Ad Competition and had great fun doing so. One of our inspirations was to think of a unique ‘resource’ we had access to, to give the video a bit of a different spin – that’s where the idea of the sheep came from.

After writing the script, we managed to film the entire clip in a single day (thanks to the help of a few friends and colleagues!).

Supersheep Auto


This was a fun spontaneous project to work on where we were able to experiment with a few different effects and lighting techniques to make a teaser for Lachlan’s song, ‘Sparklers’.

Sparklers Music Teaser
Wendy Naumovski Hair & Makeup Studio